Notable Work

Carmel Kabash has painted countless homes and businesses, including a number of notable addresses. Under the direction of RBC Painting, Carmel Kabash painted some of the "Painted Ladies" and the mansion in which "Mrs. Doubtfire" was filmed*. Under Elmer Hans Aguirre of Pars Design & Construction, Carmel Kabash painted Santorini's Restaurant. Here is a sample of the work done:

  • St. Patrick's Church
  • Most Holy Redeemer Church
  • The "Painted Ladies" (includes 722 Steiner Street)
  • The "Mrs. Doubtfire" house (2640 Steiner Street)
  • Santorini's Restaurant
  • Sears Fine Foods
  • 5045 Proctor Avenue

Painting Services San Francisco

* The addresses on which Carmel Kabash worked for Robert Bernhard of RBC Painting are 718 Steiner St, 722 Steiner St and 2640 Steiner St.